When I first started looking at colleges, I wasn’t even sure which ones would suit my interests best, let alone the best way to go about applying to them. Luckily for me, Dr. Rim was an enormous help with both. With how many colleges there are and how much information exists about each one, Dr. Rim’s experience gave me confidence that all 15 schools on my college list were in line with my interests and plans for the future. She was even more helpful during the application process. Being a natural procrastinator, I was in serious danger of being unprepared to deal with application deadlines once they rolled around.  Dr. Rim’s skill with scheduling and organization ended up being a perfect counterbalance for my procrastination. She put together a schedule that was entirely manageable, even during the school year, but also efficient enough that I was never worried about missing an important deadline, and she checked in regularly to make sure I was making good progress. When it came time to edit essays, she helped me make my writing more concise, interesting, and impactful while still retaining my own style.  I was admitted to every single school I applied to and was awarded scholarships at half of them. Dr. Rim made my application as polished and compelling as it could have been and I enjoyed working with her immensely.

-Austin B., Chemistry, Stanford University

Senior year took me by surprise. I wasn’t at all prepared for the challenges, questions, and research that came with the college application process but Dr. Rim kept me on my toes with every single deadline and requirement. She also took the time to help me find colleges that were a good fit for me and narrow down my broad interests when selecting majors. It was definitely not an easy process but with Dr. Rim steering me in the right direction I am truly happy with the results!

- Claire Y., West Point U.S. Military Academy

The only word that describes my experience with College Masters is “perfect.”  My parents signed me up for the College Masters’ Senior Year Plan the summer before my Senior Year and I absolutely loved every second of my time working with Dr. Rim!  Within a week of our initial meeting, Dr. Rim categorized all the schools on my list into either a reach, target, or safety school and she sent me a detailed schedule listing every single deadline and required essay prompt to make the entire process less stressful.  With Dr. Rim’s guidance, I created my first resume and her detailed feedback on my writing helped me transform first drafts into polished final drafts for almost twenty different essays, ranging from 100 to 650 words, tailored specifically for each school or program to which I applied.  While my friends were stressed out because they forgot or missed deadlines, or worst of all, gave up on some applications altogether, I finished all my applications before Thanksgiving Break.  She gave me the encouragement I needed to keep plugging away on every application, even when I changed my major several times throughout the process. By the following Spring, I received acceptance letters from fourteen of the seventeen schools to which I applied and was awarded over $250,000 in merit-based scholarships.   Dr. Rim’s unwavering dedication to my success is the reason I will be attending my dream school this Fall!

– Trevor W., Real Estate Development Major, USC

As the firstborn child in my family, I didn’t know a lot about the college application process. Dr. Rim made it efficient and understandable, from discussing which colleges to consider to writing essays to practicing for interviews. She kept me on track and on top of everything with firm deadlines, but she was also understanding and flexible with my senior year schedule. I was confident in my college application because I knew that Dr. Rim made sure that I expressed myself as a competitive candidate down to the very last detail.

– Gabrielle Y., Chemical Engineering Major at Carnegie Mellon

College Masters has been nothing short of incredible throughout the entire admissions process. Dr. Rim set me up for great success by guiding me through every step of the Common Application. She helped me to feel extremely confident in my submitted applications and proud of the work I produced. Having an insider who is familiar with the entire application process was beyond helpful. Dr. Rim was always available to answer any questions I had at any hour of the day. She was extremely devoted and noticeably passionate about helping me achieve my college dreams. Without Dr. Rim, I am sure that I would not of attacked the admissions process with the same intensity and supreme time management. When it came time to submit my applications, it was a great feeling to know that all of my applications had already been polished and completed for weeks. The college admissions process was much less daunting and intimidating because of Dr. Rim’s assistance alone. I am utterly grateful for all of her help and dedication. I would definitely recommend College Masters to anyone looking to curate their best application and maximize their admissions chances!

– Kelli H.., Sociology Major at Yale University

From the beginning, Dr. Rim has been an invaluable resource.  We started working on my college activities resume in Sophomore year so I was able to outline the rest of my high school goals.  She would help me analyze my college visits and refine my criteria for adding colleges to my final list.  Throughout the summer-long essay writing process prior to Senior year starting, Dr. Rim was incredibly patient and provided insightful, personalized advice as I scrapped and revised dozens of essays. She was readily accessible through email and text, no matter what my questions were.  I was able to complete most of the application process before my senior year, and finished all of my applications long before they were due because of her guidance.  Dr. Rim also helped me to narrow down my choices as I was deciding between my top schools.  I can definitely attribute my Senior year with minimal college-related stress to Dr. Rim.

-Jordan L., Pre-Med, UCLA

I cannot begin to express how valuable the advice that Dr. Rim gave to me during my college application process was. As I am a self-admitted procrastinator, she helped me organize all of my tasks and encouraged me to set my applications into gear. Her devoted attention to detail assisted me in navigating not only my academic applications, but arts applications as well. I plan on referring back to the skills that Dr Rim instilled in me for not only future applications, but all academic work as well.

-Scarlett T., Film Major at Chapman University

Our experience with College Masters was nothing short of AMAZING. As this daunting task of college admission has become so layered and complicated, Kathy’s efforts on Trevor’s behalf was the difference maker in putting him in the drivers seat with college choices. Based on Trevor’s high school course curriculum, grades, and personal interests, Kathy recommended 17 different schools across the country where she felt Trevor would thrive. All the deadlines for essays, applications, fees, etc. were all communicated via email, text or phone directly between Trevor and Kathy and updated almost daily through her amazing color-coded spreadsheet. Once the acceptance letters arrived, he had a total of 14 colleges to pick from, including his top choice school which he ultimately selected. As parents, our responsibility was simple – be available to answer any questions and be prepared to help make the final decision. We would honestly need several paragraphs to adequately describe our enormous appreciation for Kathy and everything she has done for Trevor (and us) over these past eighteen months. Her contributions are simply PRICELESS.

-Parents of Trevor W., University of Southern California

In reviewing my essays for law school, Dr. Rim went above and beyond for me by providing me with clear, straight to the point commentary that aided me in enhancing my personal statement and strengthening my overall application. Upon receiving my offers of acceptance Dr. Rim was a valuable resource for advice in comparing and evaluating the offers to choose a school that would best meet my personal needs and goals. She certainly cares about helping young people succeed and doesn’t give less than her absolute best to her students.

-Suzanna S., J.D. Student at Georgetown University

Looking back on it now, my college process would’ve been a lot different if I didn’t have Dr. Rim. From the start, she motivated me to write at my highest level and planned out a master schedule with essay deadlines and important dates I had to focus on. She allowed me to be efficient with my time, making it easy to transition into senior year with a bulk of the work done. During the semester with college deadlines approaching, I felt confident, responsible, and organized with all the work I put in. This was all thanks to Dr. Rim pushing me to take initiative, and I’m in a much better place because of it!

           -Jillian Y., Psychology Major, Carleton College

Dr. Rim has been an invaluable mentor as she guided me through every step of the often intimidating and opaque admissions process. From identifying well-suited programs and crafting an applications strategy, to assessing and maximizing competing offers, Dr. Rim has been instrumental in achieving my admissions goals. As I embark upon my first year as a Ph.D. student, I’ll continue to tap into Dr. Rim’s wealth of knowledge and support.

-Sophie J., Ph.D. Student in Political Science, Yale University

The college application process is a far cry from when my husband and I went to college. Applying to college is a more complicated venture and attending college a more expensive investment than ever before.  Just as we hire professionals to assist us in our future plans and investments, we looked for the right professional to assist our high school age children in the college application process. We were wonderfully pleased to meet Kathy Rim. We would recommend her to anyone seeking guidance in the college application process.  On the first day we met to discuss her services, she presented us with a clear detailed contract and fulfilled every point over three years.  We appreciated her perspective on college options based on her experience teaching in excellent research universities and a small liberal arts college. She skillfully assisted our son identify his strengths and weaknesses and provided guidance on selecting colleges that would be a good fit for him.  She connected us to skilled tutors to help Austin practice the standardized test (ACT) – Austin scored a perfect score (36) in his first sitting. Her college essay planning and editing skills were excellent and allowed Austin’s answers to emerge as clear, concise and true representations of his thoughts and feelings on given topics. She created a calendar of scheduled tasks and reminders that helped my son stay on task over a three-year period to ensure he would be prepared to fill out applications in a manner that was not hurried or stressful. She was always available for questions or concerns.  In working with Kathy, our son developed skills that he will be able to carry with him throughout his college career and even to his future job application process.  She has visibly high standards and was a positive motivating force for Austin to stay on task and appreciate the process and value of planning, preparation and execution of work toward his college goals. Austin will be attending Stanford University in the Fall.

-Parents of Austin B., Stanford University